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The Original Game Delivery Network

When we coined the term GDN in 2012 we not only announced an optimized delivery platform for games, we also made a commitment to the gaming industry. Hundreds of customers and millions of downloads later, the GDN remains the de facto platform for delivering games to a global online audience.

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Game CDN Customers

You Benefit From Our Experience

We work closely with the top game developers, publishers, and consoles, so whether you’re launching your first game, planning a massive new launch, patching an already popular game, or expanding to a new region; we’ve been through it before.

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Updates and Patches

Updates and Patches

Game monetization today often includes providing new DLC (downloadable content) regularly, making your updating strategy critically important. And how do you keep all players in a current version when patches occur so frequently? Our game delivery experts will help you build the infrastructure and workflow to accomplish these tasks at massive scale.

Multi Device

Simplicity in a Multi-Platform World

Consoles, mobile, tablets, PCs…North America, Asia, LATAM, Europe….Free-to-Play, in-game currency, DLC. Though game distribution has gotten complicated, we’ve made it easy for our customers. Dedicated solutions engineers and fully-staffed, 24x7x365 support teams are on hand to help you deliver a flawless game experience.


Valve / Steam

“Highwinds has been an important part of the infrastructure behind our Steam platform since 2011. As our customer base grows internationally and we continue to post large year-over-year increases in our numbers, Highwinds remains a vital partner for us. The global reach and massive scalability of Highwinds CDN make it an ideal solution for our game delivery needs.”

– Mike Dunkle, Business Development, Valve Corporation

Valve / Steam

Over the past several years, Steam has sustained massive increases in its key figures, including sales, total user accounts, daily active users and simultaneous players. Today, over 1,800 games are delivered over Steam to more than 40 million active users, with the number of peak simultaneous players exceeding five million.

Highwinds provides content delivery infrastructure to Valve as part of their global strategy to expand and support Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform. Valve, a long-time Highwinds customer, is experiencing exponential growth with Steam, and the Highwinds GDN is contributing to the platform’s global reach and popularity.

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Valve Steam
Valve Steam

“We have been working with Highwinds since 2014. As a user, I’m satisfied with the Support Team that can resolve any issue within the service in a few minutes. I made sure that the CDN has a really HIGH level of service and wide geographic coverage. Online monitoring is very useful and can provide much more info about your applications operation. I’m very pleased with a speed of new host deployment. This action takes a few seconds and your new host is ready for connections.”

– Victor Perov, CTO, Renatus

Renatus Bubble Chronicles

Renatus Media is a leading social & mobile games publisher with a catalogue of more than 30 titles in the casual gaming segment. The company collaborates with a wide range of game development studios in Eastern Europe. Renatus Media operates on the world’s popular mobile and social app markets: App Store, Google Play and Facebook. Over 50 million monthly active users are playing Renatus games worldwide. Renatus partners with Highwinds for their high-throughput GDN, which is used to deliver their game downloads.

“World of Tanks continues to grow at an impressive rate and working with Highwinds has helped us ensure that growth is well-managed. “We look forward to our continued work with Highwinds GDN as we evolve to grow World of Tanks and plan for the releases of our future titles.”

– Victor Kislyi, CEO,

Wargaming World of Tank

Highwinds supports the huge global growth of’s free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) war series games, including World of Tanks and the highly anticipated World of Warplanes, on the Highwinds GDN.

World of Tanks currently boasts over 65 million registered players and recently set a new Guinness World Record for “Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server,” breaking its own previous record by more than double. A game known for its strategic and team-based tactical action, World of Tanks puts players into the seats of some of the most iconic armored vehicles to ever grace the field of battle. With more than 300 tanks from six different nations, the game continues to be updated with new content on a regular basis, including the recent inclusion of real-world physics and a completely overhauled rendering and graphics engine.

World of Tanks was joined by World of Warplanes, an aerial combat MMO set in the golden age of military aviation, and by World of Warships, a naval action MMO that submerges players into devastating sea wars and challenges them to conquer the high seas. Highwinds began supporting in 2012 with global game delivery over Highwinds GDN, the ultimate platform for delivering online games to global gaming audiences, and the companies have been expanding the business relationship over the past year for game delivery services.

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“Highwinds’ commitment to the gaming community is commendable. It’s evident in Highwinds’ dedicated and experienced account team, and it’s evident in their solutions to support the evolving needs of the gaming industry. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”

– Ole Schreiner, COO, Funcom


Highwinds supports Funcom’s current game titles, including the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game ‘The Secret World.’

Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of online games for PC and consoles. Funcom has provided outstanding entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track record of more than 20 released games.

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