Google Cloud Platform

Highwinds Content Delivery Network

Highwinds has teamed up with Google Cloud Platform as a CDN Interconnect provider.

Google Cloud Platform

CDN Interconnect, part of the Google Cloud Interconnect family of products, allows Highwinds to offer performant connectivity and Google Cloud Platform’s special egress pricing for customers using Google Cloud Platform as their content origin.

The Highest Performing CDN on the Planet

Leading companies around the world use Highwinds CDN to stream video, serve advertising assets, distribute games, and deliver software, apps and websites. Highwinds combines a massive global network with an intuitive user interface and real-time analytics to provide an efficient and high-performing CDN.

Google Cloud Platform

Collaborating with Google Cloud Platform

Now you can take advantage of our collaboration with Google Cloud Platform to lower your costs and improve performance. Traffic from the Platform to Highwinds CDN is traversed through high-performance links connected in a Google Edge point of presence (PoPs). Google Cloud Platform will charge reduced pricing for in-region egress traffic to Highwinds locations in the US, Europe and Asia (see map above).

A Special Promotion Just for You!

As a special incentive for Google Cloud Platform customers, Highwinds is offering a FREE month of service for all new customers.

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