StrikeTracker is Highwinds’ award-winning CDN portal. It offers a single, integrated front-end portal for managing all Highwinds services, configurations, and security options. The speed of operations is impressive, and the analytics available provide tremendous value to the operations and marketing teams that crave actionable data.

StrikeTracker Features:

Advanced Analytics

Greater detail and more customization options

Instant Purge

Content is invalidated and purged from the CDN globally in milliseconds

Easy-to-Use API

Easy-to-use, expansive RESTful API

Fully Responsive Interface

View your data on tablets and mobile devices with our new HTML5-based design

Content Protection

Including URL signing, tokenization, HTTP authentication and HTTP referrers

Storage Configuration

Configure origin shielding and efficient offloading of traffic from your origin

User Administration

Add users and assign roles to determine read/write rules across your organization


Great for resellers or customers with multiple online properties

StrikeTracker console

The Best Console in the Industry

People love the StrikeTracker console because it’s easy to use, has customizable reporting and analytics, and every action happens instantly. You have total command and control of your content, origins, accounts, and more. The new responsive design means you can access it on the go via mobile devices and tablets.

StrikeTracker Responsive

You're In Control

Ingest and store your video, transcode it using a list of bitrate options or customize your own, tag content with metadata, build static or custom playlists, and then transmux requested videos for delivery to a customized video player or mobile device.