Built for developers, accessible to beginners.

Configure, deliver, secure and analyze content in real time.

StrikeTracker Features:

Accelerate Your Content

An intuitively designed user interface guarantees simplicity with best practices for beginners, and specialized features for advanced users.

Instantly Purge Cache

Total assurance that content is purged from cache, globally, in milliseconds is guaranteed with immediate visual confirmation.

Build Better with Interactive APIs

Everything possible within the UI is possible from the command line and made easy with Highwinds' interactive documentation.

Mine Actionable Data

Real time data, customizable parameters and visualization options let you improve customer experience.

Protect Your Content

Control access to your content with URL signing, password protection, and restrictions based on geographic location, domain, and IP address.

Manage Highwinds Cloud Storage

Configure storage, mid-tier cache, and Origin Shielding right within the UI or by Interactive API access.

Create Users & Set Permissions

Create new users and assign roles and permissions to determine read/write rules across your organization.

Take Advantage of Subaccounts

Great for resellers, or customers with multiple online properties, subaccounts are easy to create and manage within StrikeTracker.

A Vast and Powerful Console, Intuitively Designed

A Vast and Powerful Console, Intuitively Designed

Our award-winning console makes setting up the most advanced CDN configurations intuitive, and simple to navigate. StrikeTracker’s easy to use Site Creation Wizard and editing workflows cover best practices for a wide range of use cases.

Incredible Reliability, Complete Control

Incredible Reliability, Complete Control

Whether you’re a small business or an ambitious developer, you need your content to load fast, stay secure, and stay online no matter what. Get the best in traffic analytics, intuitive and interactive APIs, and advanced cache and delivery configurations available.