Game Delivery Network

Highwinds GDN

The de-facto standard for delivering content for the top brands worldwide, the Highwinds Game Delivery Network – GDN is massive, is very fast, and it has multiple layers of technology to optimize downloads, patches, and updates.

GDN Features

GDN Deliver

Global CDN optimized for throughput

GDN Play

Optimize the point-of-play experience with our game launcher

GDN Update

Efficiently manage game updates and patches

GDN Analyze

Maintain a precise focus on the game metrics that matter

GDN Access

Keep your investment safe with comprehensive access control

GDN Monetize

Enable new game monetization strategies

GDN Connect

Match your players to the game server with the best connectivity

GDN Balance

Traffic shaping and load balancing across multiple delivery platforms

GDN Launch

Plan and execute flawless game launch events


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Customer Stories

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