Highwinds Security
Highwinds’ full footprint SSL/TLS network has security features built in at multiple levels, and using StrikeTracker you can apply advanced configurations to protect your content and your origin servers even further. Learn more about how we work 24x7x365 to monitor your content and protect you from attacks.

Security Features

First Class HTTPS

Advantages of a full footprint SSL/TLS network

Network Firewall

Block protocol based attacks

Volumetric Attack Protection

DoS attacks are absorbed by the CDN

Rate Limiting

Prevent library scraping and other high bandwidth abuse

IP Blocking

Deny access to content by malicious users

Web Proxy

We stand guard between attackers and your servers

Origin Shielding

Protect your servers from being overloaded with requests


Control where your content can and can’t be accessed

HTTP Basic Authentication

Content can only be accessed after a user logs in

HTTP Referrer Restriction

Prevent deep linking to your content on unauthorized websites

URL Signing

Use token authentication to monetize and protect premium content

NOC Customer Support

24x7x365 monitoring of your traffic