Valve Steam

"Highwinds has been an important part of the infrastructure behind our Steam platform since 2011. As our customer base grows internationally and we continue to post large year-over-year increases in our numbers, Highwinds remains a vital partner for us. The global reach and massive scalability of Highwinds CDN make it an ideal solution for our game delivery needs."

Mike Dunkle, Business Development, Valve Corporation


"Since we've been using the Highwinds CDN, our customers don't remember how to even SPELL "Lag". Their ability to scale and remain extremely efficient and performant at the same time has been the guarantor of success for countless projects and allows both ourselves and our customers to stay a step ahead of the competition. In addition to that, they show a deep technical understanding throughout all of their ranks which makes Highwinds simply a pleasure to work with."

Rene Siegl, CEO, IXOLIT

Hi-Rez Studios

"We’ve been a happy customer of Highwinds CDN since 2012. Our relationship with the company, and even more so with the people, feels like a true partnership. As SMITE, Paladins, and our other titles grew and our customer base expanded, so did their network. As our needs became more complex, they built new features and options to optimize our game delivery so our players always get a world-class experience. We’re big fans of Highwinds.”

Nabil Ismail, VP, Operations & Technology, Hi-Rez Studios


"Everything is great. We are very happy with Highwinds. It just works. Zero attention."

Ishay Green, CTO & Co-Founder, Spot.IM


"Highwinds has been great in proving that their network can support our sustained growth as well as huge traffic spikes on game release days – without ever sacrificing fast download speeds or high-quality experiences. By choosing Highwinds, we gained a partner who understands gaming and has solutions that address the unique delivery challenges we face."

Neil Seth, CTO, GameFly


"After extensive research, we chose Highwinds as the right CDN for Playwire (Intergi). Our selection was based on quality of service, global reach, reliability, speed and customer support. Highwinds scored extremely well in each of these categories."

Jayson Dubin, CEO, Intergi and Playwire


"Our clients are located all over the world, and Highwinds allows us to serve our content much faster. Using Highwinds' CDN service and their Real Time Purging API we have scaled our business without adding more and more servers."

Shay Dadosh, Head of Development, Crossrider


"Our IT team has found Highwinds services to be superb. Great up time, support and services options."

Lloyd Jacob, Founder, InstallMonetizer


"Highwinds' commitment to the gaming community is commendable. It's evident in Highwinds' dedicated and experienced account team, and it's evident in their solutions to support the evolving needs of the gaming industry. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership."

Ole Schreiner, COO, Funcom


"The design and strength of the Highwinds global delivery infrastructure is impressive, and the RollingThunder network has the proven capacity, reliability, and performance to expand our global arsenal of digital supply chain solutions."

Lance Ware, CTO, Technicolor


"We saw issues early on with speed reductions on Amazon S3 - many of our customers (especially our European and Asian fans) were seeing downloads as slow as a dial-up modem (remember those?)! Highwinds provides us with a globally immersive content delivery network, making sure that our customers overseas have the best experience possible. Switching to Highwinds CDN was extremely simple - it was simply a matter of using our S3 storage as the origin for content delivery. This was trivial, and now we have the freedom to migrate our storage elsewhere. Highwinds has amazing, quick and friendly customer support - in addition to having a powerful service and incredibly useful (and easy to navigate) API. Oh, and we save a lot of money. That's always a plus."

Josh Whelchel, CTO, Loudr


"We have been using Highwinds as our CDN provider since the very beginning and are proud to have them as our partner for the launch of dotstudioPRO. Their customer service is unparalleled, matched only by their robust delivery system. They have always been on the cutting edge providing delivery solutions that empower creators to reach their audiences worldwide."

Joe Pascual, Co-Founder, Dotstudioz


"Partnering with Highwinds enables us to increase Giraffic's reach as well as complement our existing customers with a complete CDN offering by one of the global CDN market leaders. We were astounded by the excellent performance of Highwinds CDN and its deep global reach."

Yoel Zanger, CEO and founder, Giraffic


"We're pleased to have Highwinds on-board as a partner, both for the expertise they bring to the Launch Crew and because their GDN is the de facto standard for online game delivery. One message we'll preach together is that our developers shouldn't wait until their game is fully developed before considering an online distribution strategy. This partnership puts developers in a position to start that conversation much earlier in the process."

Steve Foley, Co-Founder, GameLaunched


"We use Highwinds [the CDN also used by gaming platform Steam] to ensure the pages are there and everything works."

Leo Mindel, Director of Technology, Sotic


"I am certainly impressed with Highwinds' technological advancements. And while their technology rivals that of any other CDN, granting resellers complete control over customer accounts, pricing and billing, and the ability to re-brand the best CDN interface I've ever seen, is what sets Highwinds apart from its competitors. We are private-labeling the CDN and StrikeTracker as 'i5labs CDN by Highwinds,' and customers are responding well to it. In the end, though, business comes down to people, and I trust Highwinds as a business partner."

Jason Wong, CEO, i5labs


"Highwinds has tremendous financial strength, with positive cash flow, a strong balance sheet and sustained profitability. They also have proven technological innovation, an impressive customer roster, a brilliant, thoroughly vested executive team, and demonstrated success in supporting the shift to online digital entertainment, which is now a global cultural phenomenon. These factors make Highwinds a great investment for us, and we are pleased to be able to fund their next stage of growth."

Kevin Cross, Managing Director, Cerberus

Adopt Media

"We initially contacted Highwinds due to attractive pricing, but we scaled up our activity due to the excellent technology and outstanding service."

Yossi Asulin, CEO, Adopt Media


"We have been working with Highwinds since 2014. As a user, I'm satisfied with the Support Team that can resolve any issue within the service in a few minutes. I made sure that the CDN has a really HIGH level of service and wide geographic coverage. Online monitoring is very useful and can provide much more info about your applications operation. I'm very pleased with a speed of new host deployment. This action takes a few seconds and your new host is ready for connections."

Victor Perov, CTO, Renatus


"We selected Highwinds CDN because they offer the best performance at a competitive price point. Migration was smooth and their support team is always helpful. I would recommend Highwinds to any media technology company that needs high availability and the ability to scale."

Brian Robinson, CTO, Addroid

" uses Highwinds CDN for delivering images from our high traffic website (600,000 unique visitors a day) in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only do we save money since switching to Highwinds, they are also the fastest and most reliable content deliverer out there. They help us fulfill our mission goal: “to create the ultimate shopping experience."

Willem Laarman, Chief Scrum Master,

Boom Library

"Thanks to the reliable services of Highwinds CDN we’re able to easily deliver our BOOM SFX libraries to thankful customers all over the globe. We’re happy to have found such a competent partner to do business with - their contribution to our success is invaluable. Because in the end, quality always pays off: through convincing performance and dependable distribution, Highwinds ensures an easy workflow for us. We gladly recommend their network."

Pierre Langer, Managing Director, BOOM Library

Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel

“We use Highwinds EveryStream to provide an exceptional video experience for the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel). By leveraging Highwinds’ expertise and second-to-none video platform, we are able to deliver on our vision to save veteran’s lives by broadcasting healing shows to our nation’s veterans."

Glenn Towery, Chairman & Founder, Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel