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Peering is a key component of the Highwinds RollingThunder network. Most CDNs only have one or two transit connections that require many hops to reach the end user, but the Highwinds CDN peers with hundreds of other networks. Many businesses are finding value in establishing peering relationships.

Our corporate peering agreements improve performance and network efficiencies and lower the cost of delivery for us, our partners and, ultimately, our content provider end users. At any given time, about 80 percent of our traffic in North America and 90 percent of our traffic is Europe is peered.

Highwinds is also proud to be a sponsor of the Global Peering Forum, the world’s largest assembly of peering coordinators focused on advancing technical knowledge and relationships that drive successful connections.

If you are interested in peering with Highwinds RollingThunder network, please submit the form below.