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We understand that complete solutions drive revenue and well-designed workflows streamline operations. Each of our ecosystem partners provides a technology, product or service that complements our content delivery services. Together, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive and diverse solution portfolio.

Advanced Analytics

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service, delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack. More than 1,000 customers around the globe rely on Sumo Logic for the analytics and insights to build, run, and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. With Sumo Logic, customers gain a multi-tenant, service-model advantage to accelerate their shift to continuous innovation, increasing competitive advantage, business value, and growth. Highwinds CDN customers gain valuable insight into their online traffic patterns by feeding StrikeTracker data into Sumo Logic’s business intelligence tools.

Application Development


IXOLIT, established 2001, is a leading full service provider in the high-end IT market, combining technology, payments, compliance, customer services and advertising. With locations on two continents, IXOLIT is our premier partner for German-speaking Europe, a reseller of both our CDN and our GDN and also maintains a strategic cooperation with Highwinds in terms of development work and website scalability.

Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications.

The Highwinds and Google Cloud Platform collaboration is aimed at providing customers with high-performance, cost-effective delivery of cloud-based rich media assets across Highwinds CDN.

With CDN Interconnect, part of the Google Cloud Interconnect family of products, customers can take advantage of special egress pricing for CDN-bound traffic originating from Google Cloud Platform.

Digital Content Services

Thomson Technicolor Electronic Distribution Services

Technicolor EDS addresses the growing need for digital content and media distribution services. Its business model is unique, and unlike other outsourced content delivery networks that only distribute content, Technicolor EDS offers clients a comprehensive suite of end-to-end or a la carte services – from content preparation and digital rights management to global distribution and reporting. Thomson Technicolor EDS leverages the Highwinds CDN for digital content distribution solutions that power distribution for some of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies.

Digital Rights Management


BUYDRM is the leading rights management and media technologies company servicing the entertainement, enterprise and education industries. Broadcasters, telcos, universities, networks and private media companies use BuyDRM’s KeyOS Rights Management Platform as a service or a solution, to efficiently market, monitor and monetize their broadband, set-top box and mobile content media offerings. Contact us today to learn how BUYDRM and Highwinds work together to protect your content.

Encoding and Transcoding is the leading global provider of studio-class encoding services, delivering over 4 million encoded videos. makes video transcoding into all popular formats easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable for global enterprises and SMBs. Highwinds and have partnered to enable a robust and simple video workflow for any site seeking to support video streaming.

Global Traffic Management


NS1’s intelligent DNS and traffic management platform, with its data-driven architecture and unique Filter Chain routing engine, is purpose-built for the most demanding, mission-critical applications on the Internet. NS1’s comprehensive platform technology leverages infrastructure, application, and network data to make intelligent routing decisions in real time, ensuring optimal application performance and reliability. NS1 and Highwinds partner for intelligent traffic management and optimized content delivery. The two solutions drastically improve performance and user experience for some of the largest businesses on the Internet.


Cedexis provides SaaS based real user QoS driven global traffic management (GTM) for optimized load balancing between CDNs, Clouds, and Data centers. The Cedexis GTM solution is used by Highwinds’ customers to implement multi-CDN and mutli-cloud/data center load balancing strategies that optimize end user experience for downloads, video, websites, and mobile apps.

Online Video Platform (OVP)

Platform Purple

Platform Purple (formerly Leaping Brain Labs) is the developer of MOD Machine, a unique and revolutionary white label platform for the marketing, sales, delivery and presentation of full-length video titles. Trusted by many of the world’s top brands, MOD Machine has delivered over half a million video products around the globe and features web-based e-commerce and offers both secure download and streaming delivery across desktop, mobile and digital TVs. MOD Machine drives strong repeat sales through a branded software desktop player and can scale to any demand thanks to content delivery via Highwinds, the world’s fastest CDN.

Player Development

JW Player

World-renowned developer Jeroen “JW” Wijering co-founded LongTail Video to develop and distribute the world’s best media players, called the JW Players. Since the launch of the first JW Player in 2005 (which a little company named YouTube used as their first player), individuals and companies have downloaded nearly five million copies. Highwinds and Jeroen Wijering have worked closely to ensure compatibility, so customers can download a JW Player optimized to deliver content over the Highwinds CDN. For more information about using the JW Player on your site(s), please contact Highwinds today.

Video Acceleration


Giraffic provides adaptive video streaming and acceleration services to video-centric websites, OTT and IPTV operators, set-top-box and other device manufacturers as well as any other companies wishing to distribute high-quality video over the internet. Giraffic solves the most important issues in online video streaming today – the need to effectively deliver massive scale online movies at high definition, without buffering, to any device, and at manageable bandwidth costs. By combining the Giraffic video acceleration technology with the Highwinds global content delivery network, large customers can offload and accelerate over 70 percent of their traffic and reduce bandwidth costs by 50 percent.

Web Development


i5labs is a print and interactive agency specializing in web and multimedia design and development. i5labs relies on the Highwinds CDN to provide an all-in-one design-to-delivery solution for streaming video and other content to online audiences. Combining i5labs’ innovative services directly with the Highwinds CDN allows i5labs to provide its customers with unparalleled functionality between their site and the delivery of their rich media content. Customers receive a high degree of individualized service from the i5labs team of professionals, who are dedicated to ensuring the effective development and deployment of unique online marketing solutions. Whether you are setting out to develop a video destination website or desire to use streaming video to enhance an existing website, i5labs is the agency for you.

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