The Traffic Analyzer is an excellent tool for understanding and comparing your CDN traffic. A number of detailed charts are included to help you review the different aspects of your content delivery.

Filters can be applied to parse data based on region, traffic segments (account level and specific hosts) and timeframe.

You can find additional documentation on the Traffic Analyzer tool within the analytics area of the Highwinds CDN User Guide located on our customer support portal. The tool is included with your StrikeTracker account at no additional charge.

You will be presented with six charts representing the HTTP traffic for your account and subaccounts upon entry to the Traffic Analyzer section.

Comparisons can also be made with your data, as you have the option to easily compare one chart to another using the “Compare to” selection box.

Common uses may be comparing the amount of HTTP delivery vs. HTTPS delivery, comparing one host’s amount of delivery to another, comparing HTTP traffic delivered with HTTP ingest from origin or comparing HTTP Traffic delivered in GB with HTTP requests per second.

To learn more and see a detailed description of everything you can find within the Traffic Analyzer.

To access your StrikeTracker account and start using the Traffic Analyzer.