Most companies, when looking to launch or improve an online property, do a lot of meticulous work digging into how to reduce costs. One technology that you may have overlooked in an effort to save money is a content delivery network (CDN). It’s not always easy to compare CDN costs to the amount spent on managing standalone servers due to the different payment structures. However, here are five ways CDN costs result in better service, and thus a wiser investment, than spending money on standalone servers.

CDN gives you a greater footprint
Rather than locating standalone servers around the world in an effort to give end users a great experience, CDNs help you to locate your content near your consumer base with high throughput and low latency.  The price to host standalone servers on four continents is often unfeasible, and CDNs already have thousands of servers in major cities worldwide.

CDN improves your redundancy
A global private network like Highwinds’ RollingThunder® Network gives you the necessary redundancy to operate at enterprise scale. By routing your data to the best available server you are protected from network outages, demand spikes and other single point of failure phenomena. Pricing out redundant standalone servers globally is cost prohibitive for most companies.

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CDN is resource efficient
When you pay for CDN you are getting the exact resource you need with as little overhead as possible. Instead of paying for a part time database server, part time application server and part time file server, you are maximizing your capabilities to deliver content in a streamlined and highly efficient manner. Nobody wants to pay for standalone servers that are sitting idle or are under-used.

CDN is future proof
By engaging a CDN you are employing a task force of engineers and operational specialists who dedicate their time to anticipating future opportunities and challenges in Internet delivery, whether they are technical, financial or political. Your investment in CDN is an investment in the future of high-speed, high definition, global content delivery technologies.

CDN is responsive
With CDN you gain support resources that see the issues you face every day and are likely to have resolved them for other customers. By maintaining expertise in this concentrated field, CDN providers are able to quickly adapt and overcome your delivery issues in a vast array of environments and use cases. The CDN costs you pay are a small fraction of what the CDN operator spends to build a massive global network and staff network operations centers (NOCs) with dedicated professionals who monitor the health of the network 24x7x365.

Bradley Andrews

By Bradley Andrews, Product Director
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