Have you noticed our new logo? It’s making its debut today on the new iteration of our website. This logo is significant in that it better reflects the type of company Highwinds has become. But to fully understand where we are today, let’s take a quick look at where we’ve been … the proverbial trip down memory lane, if you will, provided by yours truly.

Highwinds logo

The predecessor to the new logo you see here was introduced in 2007, just prior to the launch of our CDN. The Highwinds name goes back to 2002 and our roots as a carrier-class IP services and development company. Nearly five years ago we made our official entry into what was a very crowded CDN space. Our first marketing initiatives boldly stated that a “Storm is Brewing,” and we followed that concept up with campaigns that supported our next-generation CDN and our new way of looking at global content delivery. We knew that our CDN offered content providers something different and better. But we also knew how hard we would have to work to prove it.

Over time, we’ve expanded our global network footprint, fine-tuned our software stack, introduced new products and services, gained the respect of the investment community, formed significant partnerships, and landed major accounts. We’ve come a long way and we’re pleased with our successes. In fact, today we are the fastest CDN on the planet. It’s a bold claim, but one that we back-up with third-party testing tools and a customer base that relies on our network daily to deliver content to millions of global users. The new logo represents a rebirth of Highwinds and is a reflection of our continued commitment to innovate and to provide the best CDN possible for our customers.

In actuality, the new logo is not all that different from the former one, but the changes are not without significance. This logo better illustrates our weather concept, the “high winds” that represent the rapid speeds associated with our CDN. We’ve also carefully fashioned the wind-themed logo mark to take on a dual role as broadcast beacons, serving as a constant reminder of our commitment to support an evolving broadcast industry and the infinite possibilities the Internet presents. In short, we feel it’s a clean, crisp logo with stark contrast in colors – the red and black deviates from the previous logo’s burgundy and gray color palette – and it clearly depicts our ability to deliver content anywhere in the world with speed and power. We hope you see it that way, too.

To further support our evolution as a company, we’ve redesigned our website. You’ll notice more white space and easier navigation with simple and clean layouts, but more importantly, the site is almost exclusively focused on our CDN. Like most websites, ours is a “living” communication medium, and over time, you can expect to see more features, new content and further interactivity. Additional rebranding efforts are underway at Highwinds. We’re unveiling a new booth at Streaming Media West, and you’ll also notice the new branding being rolled out in our ads, sponsorships, product literature, and more.

I welcome your comments and suggestions!

By Jay Moore, Vice President, Marketing, Highwinds


Jay Moore