Key Takeaways from GDC San Francisco Expo 2017

Since the Highwinds and StackPath merger in February, we’ve had the opportunity to present the combined company at two industry events. The first was at RSA Conference in San Francisco on February 13-17 where we met many security-focused developers interested in our secure web services platform. In the first week of March, we exhibited at GDC San Francisco, marking the second opportunity to present the combined company to the market. Highwinds has long been a leader in the gaming space, with our Game Delivery Network considered the gold standard for delivering online games. During the three-day GDC Expo on March 1-3, our teams met with nearly 1,000 conference attendees. We would like to thank those that were able to visit our booth and talk to us. Our teams conducted an informal research questionnaire with game developers and publishers and got three key takeaways from GDC San Francisco Expo 2017.


Of the game companies that we talked to at GDC, weekly and monthly were the most popular intervals for patching/updating games at a combined 58%. At the bottom was annually and quarterly intervals at just over 10% each. Right in the middle was daily patches/updates at 18%. See the breakdown below. The key takeaway is that publishers today rely on frequent updates to monetize and engage their players, which further emphasizes the importance of a high-quality, fast, and reliable CDN.

Which Frequency Best Describes How Often Your Organization Updates/Patches Your Games?



Security has become a growing concern for game companies, so we asked the game developers we talked to what their biggest security concern/challenge is. Almost half cited client/account hacking as the biggest security concern/challenge facing their organization. Nearly a third identified DDoS attacks, with data breaches and other splitting the remaining 24%. See the breakdown below. These findings indicate a concrete demand for inherently secure content delivery. Highwinds addressed the importance of security for the game industry by merging with StackPath. We now offer WAF and DDoS mitigation as part of our secure platform offering. No matter which service you select from StackPath, security has been built-in, not bolted on.

What Is The Biggest Security Concern/Challenge Facing Your Organization?



We asked the games companies we met with to tell us their biggest concern/challenge regarding content delivery. Lost connections (38%) was the biggest concern/challenge, followed by reach (31%). Latency and security were almost even at 12% and 13% respectively. See the breakdown below. To meet these challenges, game companies will need a network infrastructure with greater scale, performance, and security. Our Game Delivery Network (GDN) resolves each of these content delivery challenges, delivering online games lightning-fast while also optimizing downloads, patches, and updates.

What is The Biggest Content Delivery Concern/Challenge Facing Your Organization?


Didn’t get to meet us at GDC? Get an overview of our new capabilities that will enable you to remove the most critical technical obstacles to delivering your online games successfully.