Highwinds is pleased to announce the general availability of a Python client for the StrikeTracker API. Bundled with the library is a helpful command line client that allows you to perform actions like purging content from the command line.

Many of our customers set long expiration times on their cacheable content in order to achieve high cache hit ratios. In order to invalidate expired content, it is common for customers to integrate with the StrikeTracker API in order to issue purges for this content.

In the past, this has required a good deal of boilerplate code in order to perform this action. Now, with the general availability of a Python client for the StrikeTracker API, customers can integrate Python applications in a more straightforward manner.

For more information on the Python library or the command line client, including installation instructions and usage examples, visit the project’s Github page.

You can use the associated issue tracker to request additional features to be added to the client, as well as to report any bugs you might encounter when using it. All code is released under an MIT license, and pull requests are welcomed.

We hope this tool will help you make better use of the CDN products and services offered by Highwinds and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Mark Cahill

By Mark Cahill, Software Engineer