Steve MillerVisit your new Game Delivery Network microsite!

As Founder and CEO of Highwinds, I want to personally share my excitement about the online gaming industry! Having worked with industry leaders such as Valve Software for years, I know the passion and dedication that gaming professionals pour into their products. We are thrilled to play a critical role in delivering those games to your customers. In addition to supporting Steam, we have quickly become the go-to content delivery service provider for some of the top companies in the industry including Funcom, CCP Games,, Renatus, and dozens of others. To support this massive growth, Highwinds has invested in a dedicated team of software engineers, network technicians, account managers and support professionals to focus on your specific game delivery network needs.

We created the Game Delivery Network (GDN) last year as a vertically focused initiative to solve the problems that online gaming publishers face. From managing massive launches to streaming game trailers to providing real-time download analytics, the GDN is fine-tuned to support your online gaming business. This site is not only a place to learn about the GDN, but also to hear about industry trends and join discussions surrounding game development and game delivery.

The demands of gamers are high and we know this. You have to get your content to your customers quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world, no matter what device they are using. We’ve optimized our network and software stack to enable faster digital downloads and the best delivery throughput to every network in the world, while significantly lowering your digital delivery costs. You demand the peace of mind that your customers are receiving the best download and streaming experience possible and that you’re maximizing the revenue potential of your games.

I invite you to connect with us through any of our social channels or to start your discussion inside the industry’s first Game Delivery Network Professionals LinkedIn group. We will continuously provide you with relevant and useful content surrounding the game development industry and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Steve Miller