Highwinds Completes the Deployment of Its Network Infrastructure
The RollingThunder Network Boasts Bandwidth Capacity of Over Half a Terabit per Second and Peering Relationships with Over 700 Networks to Support Content Delivery at a Global Level

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Oct. 30, 2007Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a global provider of content distribution solutions, today announced that it has completed the initial deployment of its RollingThunder™ network, a robust international infrastructure that provides connectivity of over half a Terabit per second to quickly and successfully deliver content around the world. The backbone of the Highwinds CDN infrastructure, RollingThunder consists of a web of 12 data centers in 10 cities throughout the United States and Europe, connected by a 10 Gbps dedicated backbone, and leverages direct peering connections to over 700 service provider networks globally. Highwinds’ high-performance RollingThunder network enables the global delivery of various forms of media – including content, file downloads and streaming media.

“Our RollingThunder network provides our content delivery services more than half a Terabit of capacity to ISPs, cable companies and other content-hungry networks throughout the world,” said Steve Miller, president of Highwinds. “The high bandwidth capacity of our network, the volume of our peering agreements at over 700 and growing, and our proprietary technology are positioning us to propel Highwinds to the forefront of the CDN services industry.”

The RollingThunder design is fully fault-tolerant with multiple points of presence and multiple rings, providing for diverse paths and redundancy in effectively and economically moving content from point to point. The cities of Amsterdam, Ashburn, Va., Atlanta, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Phoenix are each home to a new Highwinds data center serving as a critical content hub. Twelve data centers located in these ten cities house thousands of interconnected servers and utilize best-in-class Foundry routers to support the global delivery of content. Each city site was selected for its ability to enable Highwinds to capitalize on peering and other connectivity opportunities, thereby maximizing capacity for networks with content-heavy customers.

Highwinds’ RollingThunder network connects directly to more than 700 provider networks, including major ISPs, cable MSOs and telecom companies. By peering with other networks via private fiber and at various exchange points around the world, Highwinds can deliver content to customers quickly and proficiently, while reducing transit bandwidth costs for all parties.

RollingThunder DFS is Highwinds’ distributed file system, proprietary software that powers the network by managing and distributing millions of files. Developed by Highwinds over five years, RollingThunder DFS provides high-speed replication with proven scalability. It ensures that content can be injected into the network at any site for propagation and near-instant availability to other sites. To improve data availability and delivery performance, it monitors the popularity of content to anticipate and accommodate increases in demand.

RollingThunder Doppler Server, another proprietary application running on the RollingThunder network, helps Highwinds guarantee the best user experience by delivering all types of content through the most efficient and cost-effective means. Armed with a whole-network view, RollingThunder Doppler Server can find the best transfer location for an end user route, taking geographic location, network traffic and Quality of Service (QoS) controls into consideration.

The RollingThunder network is continuously monitored by Highwinds’ technical operations staff in a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Phoenix.

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwinds has been a leader in the development of content replication and delivery software and services since 2002. This experience has led to a number of technology innovations in network management, distributed file system technology and advanced content routing methods. The Highwinds CDN leverages best-in-class hardware and software to quickly and successfully move content at a global level. The company’s high-performance RollingThunder™ network and user-friendly StrikeTracker™ content management and reporting dashboard enable clients to deploy and manage content, file downloads and streaming media. Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains data centers in ten North American and European cities. For more information, visit www.highwinds.com.


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