We have much to be thankful for as we look back on 2014 and even more to look forward to in 2015. So without further ado here are some highlights from 2014 and some things to keep an eye on.


Our award-winning CDN management portal is getting even better with a complete overhaul of our StrikeTracker console. Some of the new features include a fully HTML 5-based interface designed with tablets and mobile devices in mind, a revamped analytics package providing greater detail and more customization options and a full-featured RESTful API that provides access to every function and configuration available in StrikeTracker. Customers will have access to the new portal early in Q1. StrikeTracker Login


RollingThunder Network

We worked hard and invested heavily on our global RollingThunder network, increasing capacity and improving performance in each region. We also added additional peers with the most heavily trafficked eyeball networks, further improving end-user delivery for our customers. In 2015, we will perform an additional capacity augmentation, making the RollingThunder network one of the largest in the world.  
Highwinds Network Map


CDN Traffic

CDN Traffic Analyzer Speaking of growth, our network hit record highs for both sustained and peak CDN traffic. Thanks to massive organic growth from our existing customer base combined with a record number of new companies joining our family, we’ll see an even greater increase in 2015. Our engineering and network operations teams are proud to have maintained our position as the highest-performing CDN even as traffic scaled to new heights.


Office Space

Highwinds New Office

We have secured additional state-of-the-art office spaces in both our headquarters in Winter Park, FL and our European office in Amsterdam, NL. We’ll post more photos and provide greater detail on the expansion of our facilities and staff soon.


Company Financials

Company Financials We achieved our highest annual revenue total ever. Revenue is good for us as a company, and we like to share these milestones because it directly affects the quality of service we provide to our customers. We’re proud to be one of the most profitable and financially stable CDNs in the world. The health of our company allows us to recruit top engineers, support technicians and staff across all departments, as well as reinvesting in our network infrastructure.


Relentless Support

The best support team in the industry is also one of the most experienced. Our average tenure is currently 1.7 years! Every support technician is a full-time, highly trained, employee of Highwinds. We’re available by phone, email and often in person to assist with turning up new projects, training your team members on best practices for leveraging the CDN and providing transparent and immediate communication when network disruptions occur. Highwinds Customer Support


New Product Development

New Product Development Perhaps the largest effort and most significant activity from 2014 will actually manifest in 2015. In addition to launching a new version of StrikeTracker, growing the Highwinds Cloud Storage platform and augmenting the network, we’ll be announcing three new products in 2015. We’re not quite ready to make these projects public, but hang tight as we roll out innovative tools to improve how the world accesses their favorite videos, games, music and software!