At Highwinds, we believe strongly that to offer the best products and support, you need to hire “A” players at every position. The following “Get to Know Your NOC” is the second in a series highlighting our employees, their contributions and their interests outside of work.

We’re here to take your calls 24x7x365. As such, we hope to get to know you on a first name basis. Likewise, we want you to build a relationship with your account executive, solutions engineer and the Highwinds Network Operations Center support team. So, say hello to JP who works as a Tier II NOC Technician.

Hi JP, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us about your personal and professional background?

JP in the NOC JP: I grew up in Pompano Beach which is just outside of Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida. I enlisted in the Air Force as a 3C0 which is their job code for computer systems and networking. I always had an interest in technology so it was an easy choice. After my term, I came back to Florida and have worked in the field ever since. I started out as an installer for a wireless network company in the early days of that technology. They had secured contracts with some well-known hotel chains so I spent a year on the road pulling CAT5,  mounting antennas, and configuring routers. I got to see a lot of the country so I had a pretty good time doing that. Once I got tired of living out of a suitcase, I moved to Orlando and spent some time in a company IT department and in a data center before coming to Highwinds.

When did you start working at Highwinds and what attracted you to the company?

JP: I started at Highwinds in August 2013. I think what attracted me most to the company was the morale of the employees. You can usually tell a good company by the positive attitudes so I felt very comfortable hiring on.

JP Please share a specific challenge that you have handled in your role at Highwinds.

JP: The big winter storm of 2013 was an enormous disruptor for networks and data centers across the northeast for many companies. Maintaining constant communication with our vendors to restore all services and keeping our customers well informed was a daunting task, however I feel like our NOC did an awesome job in handling it.

Tell us about some hobbies that you enjoy. Also, how about letting us in on something that most people don’t know about you?

JP: One of the best parts of living in Florida is the warm weather so I’m very excited that this long winter is finally over. I love getting out to the beaches and freshwater springs, trying out new restaurants and bars, participating in fun runs, tailgating, going to live music shows, and traveling.

What are some trends you’re seeing with the companies you work with? Can you share some insights?

JP under the sea JP: The ability to stream a video or download a game directly to console is continuing to become the standard in their industries. No longer do consumers need to go to a store or rental kiosk which was necessary not long ago. Everything is done from the TV or computer and a fast method of delivery is crucial.

What do you like best about working at Highwinds?

JP: I appreciate being able to work directly with our system and network engineers to troubleshoot customer and internal issues. It’s presented me with an awesome opportunity to learn from them rather than having to simply reassign and pass an issue to another group or department. Many times, I learn how to troubleshoot and fix the problem with their guidance.
Thank you to JP for taking the time to give us a closer look at both his personal and professional life. Highwinds customers can count on JP and the rest of our talented support staff to troubleshoot issues and provide helpful tips to improve your content workflow. We never outsource support, and a highly-trained, professional support rep with full account access will answer your initial call every time.

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