CDN hosts represent slices of the edge cache that can be uniquely configured, maintain their own space in the file system and report usage using a separate set of data channels.

Configuring CDN Hosts

Each host can consist of a number of configuration policies and requires one or more origin pull policies to provide CDN service, which links the host to one or more origins. In addition to origin pull policies, hosts can also contain one or more of the following:

  • Hostnames
  • Content protection policies
  • Content compression policies
  • Dynamic content caching policies
  • Geographic (geoblocking) policies

CDN hosts are referenced by host hashes which are eight-character alphanumeric strings of the form a#a#a#a#, where “a” is a character in the alphabet, and “#” is a single-digit number. For example, the hash “q2w3e4r5” is frequently used as the host hash in documentation.

Within StrikeTracker, hosts are easily configured using the New Host Wizard. The wizard let’s you create a new host by walking you through a few simple steps as part of the host creation while also configuring the basic policies for the host.

Visit our support portal to learn more about hosts and our new host wizard.