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Protect Content With SNI and Certificates

This is part three of our Five Advanced CDN Configurations for the Serious User blog series. Server Name Indication, or SNI, is a method by which clients such as web browsers can securely designate the domain that they are attempting to access before completing the SSL handshake. That means that custom SSL certificates can be […]

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SNI Enables Cost-Effective CDN Security

Over the past few releases we’ve achieved a number of improvements to our SSL infrastructure (see our blog last year regarding Apple ATS support) and the result of that effort is starting to manifest in our customer facing APIs and StrikeTracker portal. I’d like to highlight two of those resulting features for you today. SNI […]

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Importance of Content Protection When Using a CDN

Monetization strategies require content owners to protect their assets from viral distribution. Highwinds gives content providers the ability to create delivery business rules enforced by the CDN using content protection. With Highwinds content protection products, end users must view the media through the workflow designated by the publisher. Content protection policies for many of the […]

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Delivering Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the Gaming Experience

In the rush to deliver a great game to market, security can often times take a back-seat to game play, but it is a vital part of the overall experience that requires some consideration before a successful title launch.¬†After all, my addiction to protecting castles from zombie ninja fruit while standing in line at Starbucks […]

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