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Two-factor authentication and IP whitelist are two extra layers of security that can help you easily secure your online accounts, and they’re now available for Highwinds StrikeTracker. The story is simple: you use passwords to access all kinds of sensitive information every day. Using a password alone isn’t enough to secure your data anymore. Passwords are increasingly difficult to […]

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The internet continues to present a host of not only great opportunities for game development and efficiencies but also technical obstacles in online game revenue. Yet, without the right content delivery strategy, these advancements come with technical challenges that can create a massive drain on productivity, revenue, and profits. At the start of 2017, the […]

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Protect Content With SNI and Certificates

This is part three of our Five Advanced CDN Configurations for the Serious User blog series. Server Name Indication, or SNI, is a method by which clients such as web browsers can securely designate the domain that they are attempting to access before completing the SSL handshake. That means that custom SSL certificates can be […]

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