This is part five of our Five Advanced CDN Configurations for the Serious User blog series.

Like the old adage “work smarter, not harder” professes, using APIs just makes sense. When using a content delivery network, APIs will make actions like account management, creating user profiles, configurations, hosts, analytics, origins, and media operations seamless.

APIs give you much more flexibility, improved security, and many added features. Most CDNs allow you to accomplish tasks from an administration portal. A better and much more effective CDN will let you do that and much more such as automating your workflows using an API. This helps ensure ease of integration when adapting to your existing code base.

Your developers will like this, a lot.


Automating workflows with APIs (RESTful APIs, UI, existing code base) produces many benefits:
✔   Save time
✔   Integrate CDN with your publishing workflow including ad and media publishing platforms, including CMS platforms such as WordPress or Drupal
✔   Automate purging
✔   Automate new customer workflows
✔   Automate log and analytics retrieval, simplifying billing automation and alerting
✔   Reduce errors from fat fingering

Five Advanced CDN Configurations for the Serious User