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Secure - Protect - Monetize

Monetization strategies require content owners to protect their assets from viral distribution. Highwinds enables our customers to create delivery business rules enforced by the CDN. With Highwinds' secure delivery and content protection products, end users must view the media through the workflow designated by the publisher.

Secure Delivery with HTTPS

HTTP Caching can be secured using SSL. HTTPS offers the same feature-rich delivery capabilities as standard HTTP with the addition of encrypted communication and secure identification of the CDN caching platforms, resulting in protection of your content. SSL can be used to protect streaming content, static website assets, games and more. Additionally, SSL enables publishers to deliver unsecured content to secured web pages to avoid browser warning messages.


Protect your valuable assets
Prohibit users from intercepting your stream by protecting it between the server and the network

What can't be stolen must be bought
Profit from your assets by eliminating illegal distribution of your content

Perform both HTTP and HTTPS using the same host name
Many CDNs make it difficult to manage content offered via HTTP and HTTPS, but Highwinds uses proprietary software to allow delivery of both protocols using a single virtual host

Protect your users' identity
With secure delivery, your customers' identity and personal information are protected, giving them confidence in viewing your content, playing your games, etc.

Secure static asset delivery
By securing the delivery of static site assets, you avoid browser warnings that can scare away customers

SSL Certificate Types

Highwinds Wildcard Certificate

  • Uses Highwinds' URLs
  • No set-up fee and no monthly certificate maintenance fee

Custom Certificates

  • Use a certificate from a signing authority of your choice
  • Can be used to create your own wildcard certificate
  • One-time set-up fee and monthly certificate maintenance fee

Content Protection & Monetization

In addition to SSL, Highwinds has numerous content protection products to assist you in monetizing your valuable assets. Learn more »

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