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Ecosystem Partners

We understand that complete solutions drive revenue and well-designed workflows streamline operations. Each of our ecosystem partners provides a technology, product or service that complements our content delivery services. Together, we offer the industry's most comprehensive and diverse solution portfolio.



For organizations who must achieve and maintain profitability for their web and mobile applications, SPLYT's next-generation analytics platform is a complete, integrated solution that enables rapid testing, analysis, and improvement of user experience and loyalty. Unlike conventional application analytics solutions, SPLYT's patented approach allows flexible, iterative queries and A/B testing without code changes, delivers rich contextual insight into user behavior and preferences in minutes rather than weeks, and enables applications to be deployed to all users immediately. With Highwinds CDN, you already deliver content to your audience faster than your competitors. Now, you can integrate SPLYT to speed application improvements with instant, context-rich user data.

Application Development


IXOLIT, established 2001, is a leading full service provider in the high-end IT market, combining technology, payments, compliance, customer services and advertising. With locations on two continents, IXOLIT is our premier partner for German-speaking Europe, a reseller of both our CDN and our GDN and also maintains a strategic cooperation with Highwinds in terms of development work and website scalability.

Billing Systems

RevX Systems

A software provider for back office operational solutions for rating, billing, subscription entitlement management, and customer care applications for Highwinds' customers. As an integrated partner, RevX provides the ability to maximize revenue by enabling the Highwinds CDN reseller program and its related services. RevX also reduces costs related to order fulfillment, billing, payment processing, and account management. Please visit their web site or send an email to sales@revxsystems.com to schedule a free consultation.

Cloud Computing

Carpathia Hosting

Together, Carpathia Hosting and Highwinds improve total site performance --- the cloud for dynamic site acceleration and the Highwinds CDN to boost static content and rich media such as high definition video. To learn more about the advantages of pairing best-in-class hosting and cloud computing solutions with a top tier content delivery network, view the Carpathia and Highwinds webcast and white paper. to request the link and digital copy, please send an email to info@highwinds.com.

Digital Agencies

Fiction Creative

Fiction Creative is a group of artists, photographers, motionographers, filmmakers, graphic designers and musicians intent on creating innovative and professional work. The Fiction Creative team produces work for customers that represent the customer's brand in a memorable and compelling way. Highwinds has tapped the creative team at Fiction for video production and web development.


Lightmaker is a professional services agency creating award winning interactive experiences worldwide since 1997. Our goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to every user. Our strong foundation in creativity and our deep knowledge of technology drive our ability to provide engaging and effective digital marketing solutions. Lightmaker leverages Highwinds as a reliable media delivery platform for high demand, high bandwidth projects. Highwinds StrikeTracker real-time analytics provide useful insight into the launch of new campaigns without the usual delay of 24hrs for traditional log analysis.

Digital Content Services

Thomson Technicolor Electronic Distribution Services

Technicolor EDS addresses the growing need for digital content and media distribution services. Its business model is unique, and unlike other outsourced content delivery networks that only distribute content, Technicolor EDS offers clients a comprehensive suite of end-to-end or a la carte services – from content preparation and digital rights management to global distribution and reporting. Thomson Technicolor EDS leverages the Highwinds CDN for digital content distribution solutions that power distribution for some of the world's largest media and entertainment companies.

Digital Rights Management


BUYDRM is the leading rights management and media technologies company servicing the entertainement, enterprise and education industries. Broadcasters, telcos, universities, networks and private media companies use BuyDRM's KeyOS Rights Management Platform as a service or a solution, to efficiently market, monitor and monetize their broadband, set-top box and mobile content media offerings. Contact us today to learn how BUYDRM and Highwinds work together to protect your content.

Encoding and Transcoding

Digital Rapids Corporation

Digital Rapids develops hardware and software solutions for transforming and delivering media, enabling the multi-platform experiences that are defining the future of digital video. Digital Rapids combines innovative technology with proven expertise to help customers maximize productivity, quality and the value of their content in the evolving digital media market. Highwinds and Digital Rapids have joined forces to provide streaming video and Internet TV solutions that span the critical points in media workflows, including ingest, encoding, transcoding, protection, streaming, playout and content delivery.


Encoding.com is the leading global provider of studio-class encoding services, delivering over 4 million encoded videos. Encoding.com makes video transcoding into all popular formats easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable for global enterprises and SMBs. Highwinds and Encoding.com have partnered to enable a robust and simple video workflow for any site seeking to support video streaming.

ViewCast Corporation

ViewCast develops industry-leading hardware and software for the transformation and delivery of professional quality video over IP and mobile networks. ViewCast's award-winning solutions simplify the complex workflows required for the web-based streaming of news, sports, music and other video content to computers and mobile devices, empowering broadcasters, businesses and governments to easily and effectively reach and expand their audiences. With more than 300,000 video capture cards deployed globally, ViewCast sets the standard in the streaming media industry.


Zencoder is the performance leader in cloud-based video encoding, with industry leading speed, quality and encoding success rates. Zencoder and Highwinds have partnered to make it easy for video providers to transcode a wide variety of video inputs for distribution over the Highwinds CDN. Zencoder fully supports Highwinds HTTP video delivery with H.264 video in an MP4 wrapper, and can also output video in multiple bitrates along with the SMIL playlist file for adaptive bitrate video playback.

Hybrid-Grid Delivery

Live Event Production

AEG Digital Media

By combining cutting-edge technical expertise in streaming media with full-scale production services, Digital Media (formerly Incited Media) provides its clients with new ways to connect with today's media-savvy audiences. Experts in digital encoding, they are known for an ability to provide onsite encoding under difficult conditions – where speed is of the essence and reliability is essential. AEG Digital Media provides a unique skill set not found in other production and/or streaming media companies. Their partnership with Highwinds creates an end-to-end solution for the production, encoding and streaming of events.

Right Brain Media

Right Brain Media is the newest division of CyberTV, LLC. More than just another web developer or software development company, Right Brain Media credits itself with the ability to create solutions when none existed. The company specializes in creating streaming solutions and Internet TV channels for their clients. RBM's clients include faith based, educational, private sector and sports industry clients who rely on weekly, often daily, broadcasts of their activities. The Highwinds CDN is closely integrated in RBM's software, making it simple to create new publishing points and begin streaming with ease.

Online Advertising

BlackArrow, Inc.

BlackArrow is an independent provider of multiplatform ad management for viewer-controlled video. The company's ad management system is designed specifically for video content distributed over any on-demand platform – enabling content providers and distributors to maximize advertising revenues and improving advertisers' ability to reach target audiences. Highwinds and BlackArrow have formed a dynamic ad management partnership that enables content providers to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth content and targeted advertising for viewer-controlled video. BlackArrow is led by an experienced team of executives from the advertising, television and digital media industries.

Tremor Media, Inc.

Tremor Media is the leading online video advertising network providing advertisers with both in-banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities on over 1,400 top-tier publisher sites with more than 135 million unique visitors per month. Tremor also offers the Acudeo Video Monetization Platform for publishers, a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Tremor's full-service solutions offer the necessary tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium. Highwinds is a preferred partner of Tremor Media, delivering rich media advertising over our global CDN.

Online Video Platform (OVP)

Bits on the Run

Bits on the Run is a video management console used for organizing and adding metadata to videos, setting up video channels, and quickly building tailored video players. Bits on the Run also assists content owners and distributors with video transcoding services. Together with Highwinds, Bits on the Run delivers high quality videos, thumbnails, and RSS fees. An extensive API is also available so customers can build video management services into their own sites. Bits on the Run supports the popular JW Player, one of the more popular players used in conjuction with the Highwinds CDN.


To successfully integrate video into your communication strategy requires not only a new way of thinking, but also the seamless adaption of the right tools. Creating and publishing a video is one thing, but communicating your message effectively and maximizing its full potential on different screens is another. Calamares Media Management technology provides you with the control and value-added applications for effective multi-platform video distribution, rights management and video communications. Calamares technology is integrated with the Highwinds CDN, creating a seamless solution for the global delivery of your content.



CrossCast is a digital publishing suite that manages videos, images and articles; all in a seamless environment and integrated in one interface. The platform is used by publishing houses, broasdcasters and bloggers alike, thanks to its scalability and flexibility. CrossCast supports all connected devices out of the box: smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. Highwinds CDN is used by CrossCast to deliver all static multimedia content (thumbnails and images) and HTTP video streaming to a growing Italian and international audience.

Daydream Interactive Ltd.

Established in 1995, leading U.K. digital asset management specialists, Daydream, deliver DAM applications to businesses in Europe, the United States and Canada. Their enterprise-class digital asset management platform, FocusOPEN, offers everything required to quickly and easily manage all types of digital assets, from uploading, cataloging and searching to purchasing, workflow and rights management. Distributed with a progressive open source license, FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager is ideal for large organizations that need flexibility and rapid ROI. When Daydream customers need a CDN, they utilize Highwinds, taking advantage of the CDNs footprint in Europe.


EyePartner offers a video platform capable of providing fully customized solutions. With a focus on high quality video, EyePartner offers a downloadable Flash compatible H.264 encoder promising the highest quality video at the lowest possible bitrates, including HD quality at under 1mbps! For broadcast of Internet TV, EyePartner offers BlinkoTV, the affordable solution allowing anyone to start broadcasting a live or pre-recorded episode in minutes. For premium broadcasts supporting pay-per-view there is TikiLIVE, for pay-per-minute models there is JamOnCam, and for collaboration and webcasting StreamingBASE is the ultimate solution. To see HD samples encodes from EyePartner running on the Highwinds CDN, follow this link: HD Video Samples.


Leaping Brain Labs is the developer of MOD Machine, a unique and revolutionary white label platform for the marketing, sales, delivery and presentation of full-length video titles. Trusted by many of the world's top brands, MOD Machine has delivered over half a million video products around the globe and features web-based e-commerce and offers both secure download and streaming delivery across desktop, mobile and digital TVs. MOD Machine drives strong repeat sales through a branded software desktop player and can scale to any demand thanks to content delivery via Highwinds, the world's fastest CDN. Learn more at www.leapingbrain.com.


thePlatform is the leading online video management and publishing company. Media companies rely on thePlatform as their open, central hub for managing, monetizing, and syndicating billions of video views annually. thePlatform's services provide unmatched versatility for designing and supporting video businesses on PCs, mobile, and TV. Highwinds has developed a PDK with thePlatform. The plug-in allows for deeper integration between the two companies and confers time saving advantages for customers managing their content using thePlatform and delivering it over the Highwinds CDN.


The Screen9 Online Video Platform (OVP) is a comprehensive platform for online video publishing. Screen9 offers a full range of video publishing tools ranging from easy-to-use web publishing to feature-rich integrations using our robust API. Screen9 has a strong track record of working with some of the largest Internet brands on the market. Screen9 is a part of Picsearch which was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Picsearch and the Screen9 OVP are integrated with the Highwinds CDN and together the companies have delivered high quality video streaming to a global online audience since 2008.

Player Development


AllDigital offers middleware, development and consulting services that enable the secure transport of digital content to connected devices including mobile computing, desktop computers and digital television. The company primarily targets content owners that have a need to distribute their media assets and online services to a highly fragmented markt of IP-enabled devices. By partnering with Highwinds, AllDigital has added global CDN services to their offering.

JW Player

World-renowned developer Jeroen "JW" Wijering co-founded LongTail Video to develop and distribute the world's best media players, called the JW Players. Since the launch of the first JW Player in 2005 (which a little company named YouTube used as their first player), individuals and companies have downloaded nearly five million copies. Highwinds and Jeroen Wijering have worked closely to ensure compatibility, so customers can download a JW Player optimized to deliver content over the Highwinds CDN. For more information about using the JW Player on your site(s), please contact Highwinds today.

Subscription Platforms

RevX Media Group

A Managed Service Offering, integrated with Highwinds CDN, for anyone who uses content as a vital part of their online business model. RevX Media offers a turn-key solution for organizations that need to bundle content into channels, manage members or subscribers, support subscription services, and customize the viewer's overall web experience. Designed for businesses who can't afford a custom solution and are seeking to move beyond the limitations of a YouTube like experience, RevX Media provides a fully customizable, secured, controlled, and branded experience; at an affordable price. For more information on our Subscriber VOD and Live Event services, please visit RevX Media.

Video Acceleration


Giraffic provides adaptive video streaming and acceleration services to video-centric websites, OTT and IPTV operators, set-top-box and other device manufacturers as well as any other companies wishing to distribute high-quality video over the internet. Giraffic solves the most important issues in online video streaming today – the need to effectively deliver massive scale online movies at high definition, without buffering, to any device, and at manageable bandwidth costs. By combining the Giraffic video acceleration technology with the Highwinds global content delivery network, large customers can offload and accelerate over 70 percent of their traffic and reduce bandwidth costs by 50 percent.

Web Acceleration


Yottaa is an easy-to-use cloud service that optimizes, protects, and monitors any website. Yottaa provides front end optimization (FEO) that extends and complements the performance of the Highwinds CDN for website acceleration; a global DNS and cloud-based firewall to provide enterprise-grade traffic management; and site monitoring and alerting for understanding website performance, and performance testing new code. Yottaa's customers are SMBs and Enterprises looking to improve website and mobile app performance – in particular, those leveraging the Highwinds CDN.

Web Development

CyberTV, LLC

CyberTV is an all-encompassing e-business solution for the development and maintenance of enterprise-class web sites, Intranets and Extranets. Designed to facilitate all of the necessary elements required to address overall web initiatives, CyberTV allows for the separation of design, function and content while combining everything in one easy-to-use platform – divided labor with a unified purpose. CyberTV has integrated the Highwinds CDN into their CMS, making it easy for customers to create publishing points and deliver flawless video over the Internet. Additionally, CyberTV is responsible for the development and maintenance of www.highwinds.com.

Fiction Creative

Fiction Creative is a group of artists, photographers, motionographers, filmmakers, graphic designers and musicians intent on creating innovative and professional work. The Fiction Creative team produces work for customers that represent the customer's brand in a memorable and compelling way. Highwinds has tapped the creative team at Fiction for video production and web development.


i5labs is a print and interactive agency specializing in web and multimedia design and development. i5labs relies on the Highwinds CDN to provide an all-in-one design-to-delivery solution for streaming video and other content to online audiences. Combining i5labs' innovative services directly with the Highwinds CDN allows i5labs to provide its customers with unparalleled functionality between their site and the delivery of their rich media content. Customers receive a high degree of individualized service from the i5labs team of professionals, who are dedicated to ensuring the effective development and deployment of unique online marketing solutions. Whether you are setting out to develop a video destination website or desire to use streaming video to enhance an existing website, i5labs is the agency for you.


Lightmaker is a professional services agency creating award winning interactive experiences worldwide since 1997. Our goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to every user. Our strong foundation in creativity and our deep knowledge of technology drive our ability to provide engaging and effective digital marketing solutions. Lightmaker leverages Highwinds as a reliable media delivery platform for high demand, high bandwidth projects. Highwinds StrikeTracker real-time analytics provide useful insight into the launch of new campaigns without the usual delay of 24hrs for traditional log analysis.

One Pica, Inc.

One Pica is a professional web design, graphic design, search engine optimization and marketing firm based in Boston. One Pica melds strategic vision with rich media to help clients achieve their marketing and operational goals, sparking connections between brands and worldwide audiences. They specialize in uncovering new experience-rich opportunities for clients and delivering breakthrough results. A one-stop solutions provider, One Pica selected Highwinds as its CDN partner for the content command and control the Highwinds CDN gives them and the real-time analytical data they need to validate clients' campaigns.


Twistage has re-imagined workflow for video platforms. Gone is the monolithic, player-centric video experience; the Twistage solution is both modular and flexible, giving you the freedom to define and customize your own workflow. Twistage manages your relationship to the rest of the video ecosystem. No matter how much that ecosystem evolves, Twistage lets you keep your workflow in place, regardless of which technology partners you keep, and which ones you don't. The Twistage platform acts as the glue for a cohesive workflow, adapting to your demands - not the other way around. Twistage is fully integrated with the Highwinds CDN to allow first-class delivery paired with enterprise-class video software.

VirtuPoint, Inc.

VirtuPoint is an application developer that specializes in building rich media applications. Its services include web development and maintenance, Internet marketing, content delivery, webcasting, content encoding and production support. VirtuPoint leverages the Highwinds CDN to power the rich media applications it creates for its clients – giving them the ability to take every project from design and development to delivery and reporting. VirtuPoint has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Europe.

Web Hosting Provider


Host1Plus, established in 2008, is a leading web hosting services provider. We have the deep knowledge and professionalism to support your web hosting needs. Since our inception, we've created new customer support trends; trends which have not been achieved by other web hosting companies. We offer traditional, shared and Cloud VPS web hosting solutions. By partnering with Highwinds, we now offer CDN services, so you can experience excellence in web hosting and superior content delivery from a single provider.

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