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Channel & Resellers

Generate additional revenue through content delivery and network services.

Wouldn't it be great to generate revenue by adding content delivery services to your solution portfolio? Perhaps you're a hosting company, or you offer an online video platform, website development services, encoding solutions, cloud computing, event production, or a similar product or service. Perhaps you've even considered deploying your own CDN … but you realize that building and maintaining one with the global reach, massive scalability and solution portfolio customers require is not a core competency for you.

You don't need to build your own CDN in order to sell CDN services.

Highwinds is in the content delivery and network services business. We don't create video for our customers, we don't shoot events for streaming and we don't develop websites. These are not our core competencies. But we do own and operate one of the world's largest CDNs, and we do offer a comprehensive suite of content delivery and network services, taking the content and media that people like you create that extra mile. That's what we do best.

Ever since we launched our content delivery and network services business, we've presented companies like yours with a unique opportunity to resell it. This means you can offer customers the entire Highwinds CDN solutions portfolio – content delivery, video streaming, rich media downloads, content protection, storage, IP transit, and more – as a value-add without the need to build and maintain your own CDN. Better yet, we empower you with tools that give you complete control over your customers' content and accounts, set your own pricing, manage your own billing, and much more. And you can do this through a traditional reseller model or by branding our products and services as your own.

The services we provide to our resellers include:

Top-Tier Global Network

Offer world-class content delivery and network services over our network – and make money on an expanded solutions portfolio – with no technology investment.

StrikeTracker for Resellers

Our award-winning reporting and analytics console offers flexibility for resellers; you can use our interface, or integrate it using our APIs.

Command and Control

Gain unprecedented command and control tools for managing your customers' content and media as well as their accounts, pricing and billing with StrikeTracker.

Self-Service Provisioning

Command and control tools also extend to self-service provisioning, with the ability to instantly provision new accounts and schedule new events for streaming.

Real-Time Analytics

StrikeTracker provides user and content consumption data in real time, and for resellers, it enables customer-specific usage and cost reporting for billing purposes.

Today, it makes more sense than ever to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services and the value-adds that your customers desire – without the huge technology price tag that usually accompanies it. Whatever your core competencies, if it makes sense for you to offer complementary content delivery products and services, the Highwinds reseller program may be the right fit for you. We invite you to learn more about becoming a reseller today.

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