Game Delivery Network Overview

The GDN™ (Game Delivery Network) was created to address the unique challenges of delivering online games to players around the world. It brings together delivery experts, advances in technology and industry partnerships to create the ultimate platform for delivering games while providing faster downloads, lower delivery costs, fewer abandonments, an integrated download manager and real-time analytics.

The GDN™ includes content delivery network (CDN) services that have been optimized for game delivery, and key partnerships to create a truly different experience for game companies.

Massive, Global, High-Performance, High-Capacity Network

Highwinds owns and operates its own network --- called RollingThunder® --- a network that was purpose-built for high-speed delivery.

We choose server and network infrastructure locations based upon access to the best peering available, to minimize the number of hops from any route.

In addition to content delivery, the network also supports multiple IP services that can be bundled, including IP transit and colocation.

Network Overview

Highwinds' global CDN and GDN run across our network infrastructure --- a global, private network purpose-built to effectively distribute data and rich media content around the world. The third-generation architecture used by the RollingThunder network allows for the best in reliability and scalability. Plus, it boasts bandwidth capacity and speeds found in only a handful of networks. The RollingThunder network consists of a ringed, redundant architecture made up of multiple 10 Gbps connections per point of presence (PoP). The network also peers with over 800 major ISPs and over 14,000 ASNs, which extends the network to the far reaches of the globe.

Highwinds RollingThunder Network

Optimized for Throughput – Faster Downloads

Throughput is critical for downloadable content because the time between when a gamer becomes interested enough to download a game and when the game finishes downloading is a sensitive period. If they lose interest during this time they may cancel the download. Reducing total download time has a direct correlation with conversion rates.

Other CDNs use off-the-shelf software. In building the fastest CDN on the planet, we have built our own HTTP server from the ground-up.

Response times are important, and Highwinds is fast. But it is our throughput that blows away the competition and has the biggest impact on downloadable game customers.

The results are faster start times and higher sustained throughput, as represented in third-party testing tools such as Cedexis.

No Patch No Play

For patches, if the patch is required to connect to the servers then anyone who is not patched is effectively out of the game. "No Patch No Play" describes the critical nature of making it fast and easy for gamers to get the latest patches installed. A CDN's throughput (not the response time) is what drives "fast" in this situation. The GDN is quite simply the fastest.

Instant Purge

The GDN provides game companies the ability to purge files instantly. Like download time, purge time is part of the total time to get a new patch into production (purge time + download time = patch time), so fast purges are important to the success of a game.

Real-Time Command and Control

With the GDN's real-time command and control capabilities, you can apply configuration changes in real-time.

Use StrikeTracker® 2 or our restful APIs to manage content, make changes, apply security policies, and much more.

You can also quickly provision new accounts.

Making adjustments to your settings instantly allows you to adapt to changing conditions as you scale at a rapid pace.