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gamescom and GDC Europe: Free Espresso, Things to See and Lots More

Highwinds will be in attendance at both gamescom and GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany. gamescom is the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games.

10 Things to See at Casual Connect USA 2014

Highwinds will be in attendance at Casual Connect USA 2014 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, July 22-24. Casual Connect is produced by the Casual Games Association and is the premiere event for the casual games industry with over 5,500 professionals attending Casual Connect each year.

Why This Is the Most Important Metric When Choosing a CDN

Throughput defined: in communication networks, such as Ethernet or packet radio, throughput or network throughput is the rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel.

GDN Spotlight CCP Game - Eve Online

"Highwinds became our primary CDN because performance matters. With them we get great delivery, global reach and excellent user experiences. We also get extensive flexibility and exemplary service. Some of our systems are more dynamic and complex than the average game company, but Highwinds has overcome every technical challenge we've thrown at them," said Jón Hörðdal Jónasson, chief operating officer at CCP." READ MORE »