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Highwinds Cloud Storage

StrikeTracker® Console

The Leading Console on the Market

StrikeTracker® is the Highwinds CDN management portal. It offers a single, integrated front-end control console for managing all Highwinds CDN services. StrikeTracker has been awarded the Streaming Media Editor's Pick, won a European Readers' Choice Award for best analytics and been recognized as the leading console by Streaming Media Executive Vice President Dan Rayburn in his blog.

And now, the new StrikeTracker has once again changed the game.


Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced analytics tools provide greater detail and more customization options

Instant Constant Purge/Invalidation

  • Content is removed from the CDN globally within seconds

Content Management Tools

  • Upload and prepare your content for global delivery

Fully-Responsive Interface

  • View your data on tablets and mobile devices with our new HTML5-based interface

Configurable Content Protection

  • Including URL Signing/Tokenization, HTTP Authentication and HTTP Referrers

Dynamic Content Caching

  • Cache based on query string parameters

Origin Management

  • Efficient offloading of traffic from your origin, and advanced origin shielding

Geo Blocking

  • By country, state, DMAs, zip codes, etc.

Open APIs

  • Full-featured RESTful API provides access to every function and configuration available in StrikeTracker

Best Analytics Available Today

Account Overview

Account Overview

Full-featured RESTful APIs

Full-featured RESTful APIs

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Traffic Analyzer

Traffic Analyzer

How It Works

The roots of our StrikeTracker console are deeply engrained in Highwinds' rich history with enterprise IP messaging products and services. We leveraged over a decade of experience with this technology to develop a global message bus infrastructure that allows all of our systems to work together seamlessly and provides communication to all points on our CDN. It gives us unprecedented command and control over our network. And in turn, we give you unprecedented command and control over your content through the StrikeTracker console.

The message bus, on which StrikeTracker operates, works equally well in both directions. It is just as good at communicating data back from the edge as it is at sending command and control messages out to servers throughout the network. We have leveraged this capability to provide real‐time analytics for all solutions and platforms. Analytics can be delivered to you via the console within 15 to 30 seconds of the transfer event, with updates every second. We are confident that you'll quickly discover that this revolutionizes the way that you use your analytical data and creates new possibilities to maximize content monetization strategies.

Reporting & Analytics

One of the most revolutionary features in the new StrikeTracker console is its ability to show detailed analytics and customizable reports. Our newly-revamped tools showcase innovative features including the traffic analyzer and the ability to filter data by time period, delivery platform, region and data center.

Content Management

All files live in folders, and you can literally think of this space as a single, massive online hard drive. Plus, we've backed StrikeTracker's functionality with our sophisticated global virtual file system, proprietary file replication technology known as StrikeTracker VFS.

Within the StrikeTracker console, content is organized into two "root" folders -- "CDS" for traditional HTTP caching, and "MPS" for Multiprotocol Adaptive Bitrate HTTP streaming. All content lives in folders, and creating a folder is both easy and instantaneous. Once a new folder is created on the CDN, it is immediately ready to receive content. StrikeTracker supports standard file system behavior, including renaming, file/folder deletion and drag-and-drop operations.


If you resell the Highwinds CDN, StrikeTracker was built for you.

trikeTracker was built to support our channel partners. You can create new customer accounts and view per-account analytics within the console.

From our inception, we have promoted the resale of our CDN solutions. And because we built StrikeTracker to fully support the account management needs of our channel partners, we empower you to instantly provision accounts, view per-account usage reports for billing purposes, etc. – all from StrikeTracker or through APIs. Whatever your value-add, if it makes sense to offer the complete solution, including content delivery, Highwinds is the ideal choice as your CDN partner.

Establish new accounts quickly

StrikeTracker enables you to provision a new customer account within minutes of taking the customer's order. Other CDNs can take days or weeks to establish new accounts.

Maintain control over reporting and billing

StrikeTracker puts the complete rollup of reporting and detailed content delivery and storage information at your fingertips. How you bill is completely up to you.

The Highwinds Channel Partner Program offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you succeed as a reseller.

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