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SelectPath™ - Multi-Platform Load Balancing as a Service

Use Real-Time Monitoring to Drive Performance-Based Load Balancing

Highwinds' SelectPath™ Multi-Platform Load Balancing as a Service combines advanced network monitoring and load balancing, allowing you to optimize content delivery across multiple networks and platforms.

By constantly monitoring multiple delivery platforms and programmatically selecting the optimal delivery paths, you create a single, unified platform with improved performance and increased fault tolerance.


Network Monitoring

Highwinds collects real-time performance data across multiple CDNs as well as your company's origin.

  • Advanced monitoring tools collect data from end-users directly, including the last mile – not just the middle mile as seen in other monitoring services
  • Data is from your actual users, not from generic test data
  • You can create rules to programmatically select the most efficient network

Load Balancing

Highwinds' load balancing service allows you to manage traffic distribution via your own definable PHP scripts, based on ANY criteria you choose. Now you can always use the best provider – on every hit. You define the scripts to manage your distribution. The system makes numerous pieces of information available to you to use in your decision-making process including:

  • Real-time performance data - decisions can be made on a per-hit basis
  • Customer ASN
  • Geographic information including city, region, country, etc.
  • Time of day and day of month
  • And more...
RULES FREE Scriptable DNS based on standard programming languages
INTELLIGENT Real-time data-driven decisions
FLEXIBLE Service-oriented infrastructure supports any IP-based app
RELIABLE Elastic scalability, global anycast network
EFFICIENT Usage-based pricing

The Problem

  • Lots of providers, but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses
  • No single network has the best coverage everywhere
  • Using multiple CDNs can be a project in itself
  • Most performance measurement is fragmented and doesn't accurately measure actual user performance at the last mile
  • Some of the most useful data is being "left on the table"
  • Most existing solutions are:
    • Built for data centers, not clouds
    • Limited to regional deployments
    • Easy to game and produce distrusted results
    • Using expensive or infrequent measurements
    • Restricted to generating results for providers that you're already using
  • Most load balancing solutions rely on static rules:
    • NO real-time data
    • Unable to dynamically react/adjust
    • Proprietary, inextensible
    • Frustrating to use
    • Difficult to maintain
    • Restrict flexibility
    • Restrict business strategy
    • Restrict performance benefits

The Solution

Start with real-time monitoring…

  • End-user-based performance monitoring
  • Measures from the last mile
  • Captures actual visitor experience
  • Simple .js tag integration
  • Provides continuous measurements

…and use that data to drive performance-based load balancing in real time.

  • Configurable via custom PHP scripts
  • Decisions can be made on a per-hit basis
  • Always use the best provider – on every hit
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