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HTTP Caching

Highwinds CDN is Fine-Tuned to Offer the Fastest HTTP Cache Delivery in the Industry

Whether you are delivering large objects like movies, software and games, or small objects like images, SWFs and scripts, your customers will have a dramatically better experience when using Highwinds.

Massive Scale

  • Able to support rapid traffic spikes
  • Delivers lightning-fast delivery speeds, even on record-breaking traffic days

High Performance

  • Outperforms all other leading CDNs
  • Low latency and high output


Static Content Caching

  • Efficient caching and delivery of static assets of all sizes

Dynamic Content Caching

  • Cache based query string parameters

Content Protection

  • Numerous flavors of content protection available including the popular URL tokenization

Origin Management

  • Efficient offloading of traffic from customer origin
  • Origin shielding

Geo Blocking

  • By country, state, DMAs, zip codes, etc.

Secure Delivery, Content Protection and Monetization

  • Use SSL to securely deliver HTTP Caching content. Learn more »
  • Also secure ingest with SSL to protect content from both your origin to the CDN and from the CDN to the end user
  • Highwinds has numerous content protection products to assist you in monetizing your valuable assets. Learn more »
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